Thursday, September 20, 2007

Frank Wolf Giveth With One Hand...

...and taketh with the other hand. As is well known, Frank Wolf has consistently voted against funding for crucial stem cell research that could lead to cures diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Juvenile Diabetes. Of course, knowing how overwhelmingly out of step he is with the 10th district on this issue, Wolf has always tried to obfuscate his true position on this issue, claiming to simply oppose federal funding for stem cell research but not the actual research itself. That's utter nonsense, of course; the practical effect of Wolf's opposition to fund stem cell research is to hold back cures for the diseases mentioned above.

That's why it's particularly galling to read press releases like this, "Wolf Cosponsors Measure to Help Fight Juvenile Diabetes." Wonderful, Congressman, you support increasing funding for juvenile diabetes, but you OPPOSE the crucial stem cell research that could cure it! You must really think you're clever at times like this, huh? Well, fortunately we'll only have to put up with this cleverness for another year or so, when Judy Feder takes your place and fully supports Federal funding for stem cell research. Go Judy!

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