Monday, September 17, 2007

Wolf Challenged by Reagan/Goldwater Republican

Just in case you missed it, Frank Wolf has a challenger from his political right: Vern McKinley, self-described Goldwater/Reagan Republican. Here's McKinley on Frank Wolf (bolding added for emphasis):
Congressman Wolf has “gone native” and during 2006 was one of only 24 Republicans voting against basic earmark reforms, such as identifying the member requesting an earmark. During Republican control of the House, he regularly used his powerful position on the Appropriations Committee to insert pork spending. The problem also goes beyond earmarks to broader spending discipline. The National Taxpayers Union assigns an annual rating to all members of the House based on 200 votes on spending, regulatory and tax issues. From 1995 to 2006 Congressman Wolf’s NTU rating has plummeted from 80 (B) to 45 (C-).

I actually agree with McKinley on this line of criticism; Wolf has indeed been part of a party that has gone hog wild with pork barrel spending (not to mention the Iraq war, which could end up costing us $1 TRILLION), running up record deficits in the process. In other words, this is not your father's Republican Party, when fiscal discipline and balanced budgets actually meant something.

Another line of criticism from Mr. McKinley rings true:
Congressman Wolf signed the Contract with America and voted for term limits, yet he is a career politician who has served in Congress for over 26 years. The longer a Member stays in office the more likely that his or her voting record will turn toward advocating big spending and other big government policies.

That really says a great deal about Frank Wolf right there: he promised to abide by term limits but then broke his promise and is now working to become a "lifer" in Congress. Why is that? Is it so much fun voting to rubber stamp George W. Bush on the Iraq war and on opposition to stem cell research? Or maybe Wolf just likes handing out pork? Hard to say, but regardless, it is well past time for a change in the 10th district.

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