Thursday, September 27, 2007

Judy for Jay!

From Judy Feder...
Today I’m writing to tell you about another of our fantastic Democratic candidates and a personal friend of mine, Jay Donahue.

Jay needs your support. He was one of the most dedicated volunteers in my 2006 campaign and now he is running for the House of Delegates in the 86th District.

Jay is running for office because we need a change of leadership in Richmond. He’s committed to improving our roads, keeping our schools strong and protecting our environment.

Jay’s resume is impressive. Father, coach and community leader Jay has always answered the call to public service. He recently retired from a thirty-two year career with the Automobile Association of America (AAA) and is turning all of his energy toward serving the voters of the 86th District.

Help Jay Take Back Richmond by CLICKING HERE to contribute to his campaign!

Jay is running against Republican Tom Rust, the author of Virginia’s new traffic tickets known as “abuser fees.” Delegate Rust votes with the Ultra-Conservative Republican leadership 96% of the time!

Tom Rust is extremely vulnerable because of his ties to the unpopular abuser fee legislation and the firestorm around them has only added to Jay’s momentum.

Help Jay seize the momentum in this critical race by contributing today!

Year after a year, Tom Rust grows more conservative voting for whatever the Republican Leadership demands. The citizens of the 86th District are tired of Rust choosing the interests of his party over the voters he is supposed to represent.

House Democratic leader Ward Armstrong says Jay’s race is one of the best opportunities to defeat an incumbent Republican in the entire state. In order to take back the House of Delegates Jay must win in the 86th district!

Jay has a great chance to win in this rapidly changing District. I know because last year Senator Webb and I both won here. In 2005, Governor Kaine, Leslie Byrne and Creigh Deeds all won the 86th. This district is ready to turn blue, but Jay needs your help finish the job.

Help Jay Turn the 86th Blue by contributing to his campaign!

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to learn about Jay at and consider contributing to his campaign. Jay will make a fantastic delegate and we really need him in Richmond


Judy Feder

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