Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Feder (and her Dem. opponent) Have Been Up To Recently

In response to criticism from a person who claims to support Judy Feder but is critical of her for being active before the November 6 Virginia General Assembly elections, here's what Judy (and her opponent, Mike Turner) have been up to recently:

1. Turner's campaigning too, as well he should! We both want to take out a nasty old Republican incumbent. He has a website (temporarily down), is doing calltime and hiring staff. He's even posted his calltime average of 3 hours per day on Democratic Gain in an ad for a finance consultant and then finance director.

2. Judy hasn't held a single event for herself, fundraising or otherwise, since getting back in the race in June.

3. Judy's activities thus far are: a) focused on a bad Republican incumbent-- Wolf and b) almost exclusively focused on the civil war we're caught in the middle of in Iraq (that's not waiting for Election Day to pass as it continues to inflict casualties on American service men and women and innocent Iraqi civilians).

4. In that same time, Judy has been VERY active in 2007 races: walking the Frederick County fair with Karen Schultz and the Leesburg 4th July parade with Dave Poisson; going door-to-door for Margi Vanderhye; working Herndon Rocks for Jay Donahue; attending a pancake breakfast for Chuck Colgan and Jeanette Rishell; attending Good ol' Girls, Foust meet-and-greets, the Poisson/Herring office opening and many other '07 events including a full schedule this coming weekend.

5. Through the campaign or personally, Judy has also contributed to: Jay Donahue, Janet Oleszek, Chuck Caputo, Karen Schultz, Dave Poisson, Jeanette Rishell, Margi Vanderhye, Marty Martinez and Susan Buckley. She'll also be sending checks to Bruce Roemmelt, Jeanne West and John Foust) in the next few weeks.

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