Monday, March 31, 2008

$10,000 by Midnight Tonight

From the Feder campaign...
There are less than 15 hours left until our critical fundraising deadline at midnight tonight!

Last week I asked you to help us raise $10,000 to combat the Republican Party of Virginia's negative attacks. Since Thursday, online donors have responded in force and given $5465! Can you help us get the rest of the way there?

Click here to contribute today and help us raise the last $4535 by midnight tonight.

Together we're continuing to build momentum for change -- and by November the negative attacks of our opponents won't be able to stand in our way.

Thank you for your support,

Judy Feder

Friday, March 28, 2008

Frank Wolf: "I would give up my job for this"

The following is probably my favorite part from the Connection Newspapers article that I referenced the other day:
Rotary member Darren Ewing asked Wolf what he would be willing to give up in order to rein in spending, adding that House members receive generous benefits packages.

"I would give up my job for this," Wolf responded vehemently. "I’m 69 years old. I don’t take social security," he said, adding that he had lived in the same house since he worked at an upper-management position with the government.

Well, well, where do we even begin here? Wolf says "I would give up my job" to balance the budget and slash the nation's debt, yet he's voted:

*to eliminate the estate tax on the richest Americans (April 2001)
*to make Bush's tax cuts for the richest Americans permanent (April 2002)
*to spend trillions of dollars on Bush's strategic mistake in Iraq (repeated rubber stamp votes on this subject)

Wolf has also voted in 2006 to extend the Bush tax cuts, which the Washington Post said would result in "a net loss to the Treasury of about $69 billion."

Wolf voted in 2005 to provide $14.5 billion in tax breaks and incentives to Big Oil.

In 2005, Wolf voted against a budget plan to balance the budget by 2012 and implement budget enforcement procedures (pay-go) to block additional spending or tax cuts that require further borrowing from the Social Security trust fund.

In 2004, Wolf supported a Republican budget that proposed to spend the entire $1.0 trillion Social Security surplus from 2005 to 2009.

We could go on and on, but the point is that Frank Wolf is, to put it bluntly, all talk and no action when it comes to getting the federal deficit (and debt) under control. Frankly, Frank, if you're really willing to "give up [your] job for this," given your pathetic track record on fiscal responsibility, it seems that you should be shopping your resume around right about now!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"When Republicans Attack"

From the Feder campaign...Frank Wolf is running scared!

That's when you know you've got them on the run. Frank Wolf has outsourced his dirty work and had the Republican Party of Virginia launch a negative attack on me and our campaign for change in Virginia's 10th district.

In 2006, Frank Wolf and his Republican allies largely ignored us - confident in their ability to hold on to this seat. But together we surprised everyone and gave Wolf his toughest race in 24 years.

This year we're running strong and they're running scared -- ready to come after us early and often. Can you help us fight back?

Click here today to help us respond to the Republican Party of Virginia's negative attacks.

Several weeks ago my campaign manager wrote you and asked for your help in meeting our goal of 2,008 individual donations by March 31st. The response was overwhelming and we're now at 2,187 individual donations!

With only 5 days left before the critical end of the month deadline we're asking for your help again. Our goal is to raise $10,000 online in the next 5 days to show Frank Wolf and the Republican Party that their negative attacks won't pay. They won't distract us from Wolf's increasing vulnerability or his record.

Click here to help us fight back by making a contribution today.

I'm ready to take whatever they throw at me. Whether it's fixing our broken health care system, ending the war in Iraq, protecting our environment or jump starting the economy- there's simply too much at stake to be distracted by the antics of our opponents.

Together we'll work to get the change we so desperately need in Washington - and desperate attacks and dirty tricks won't be able to stand in our way.

Thank you for your support,

Judy Feder

P.S. There are only 5 days left before our March 31st deadline. Making your contribution today shows Frank Wolf and the Republican Party that their negative attacks won't pay!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Frank Wolf's Scare Tactics and Other Nonsense

I just read this account of Frank Wolf's appearance at the McLean Rotary, and there's enough material here for 10 blog posts! For instance, check this out on the Metro to Dulles project he's been working on (and failing to get done) since he's been in Congress, pretty much.
...[Wolf] said the likelihood of the rail running underground through Tysons Corner was slim. "The community has to decide, do you want to go with it above-ground, or do you not want to go with it," he said.

Attempting to change the above-ground plan that was approved in a 2002 vote, he said, would delay the project, raising its price and tipping the cost-benefit balance, which Wolf said was already "right on the border line."

What utter nonsense, Wolf continuing to peddle the scare tactics about how we either have to build Metro to Dulles the WRONG way -- no-bid deal for "Big Dig" Bechtel, poor design for any hope of smart growth in Tysons, etc., etc. -- or it will never get done at all? Well, hello Congressman? You've only been at this since, what, time immemorial? And you're seriously still peddling this garbage, as if you couldn't have gotten this project done a long time ago if you hadn't taken the "my way or the highway" (literally!) attitude? Pathetic.

Oh, and I love this!
WOLF SAID the nation's ballooning debt and this year's projected budget deficit of more than $400 billion constituted a crisis that few politicians were addressing. If the U.S. did not make radical changes in its financial policy, he said, it would be in danger of losing its triple bond rating, a situation that could have a major impact on the country's future.

Frank Wolf claiming he cares about balancing the budget and about fiscal responsibility? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Remember, this is the guy who, during most of this decade, was part of a Republican Congress that ran up huge spending increases, deficits, and national debt to pass onto our children. This is the guy who admitted, "I supported all the president’s tax cuts," while simultaneously calling the national debt a "moral" issue ("I cannot square my generation laying off our debt on [my grandchildren]." Well, hello, earth to Frank Wolf, what do you THINK is going to happen to your grandchildren if YOU keep voting for Bush's tax cuts for the richest Americans, while simultaneously voting for the biggest spending increases in U.S. history? I mean, does this take a rocket scientist to figure out, are you having a "McCain moment or what?

You know, there's so much material in this one article, I think I'll just make a series out of it after all. Unbelievable, does Frank Wolf think we're a bunch of idiots to believe the nonsense he's spewing out? If so, he's more out of touch than we ever suspected.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Second-Worst Gridlock in the Country...and Getting Worse

Here's some depressing reading:
The Washington-area commute is the country's second-worst after Los Angeles, according to a study released last year by the Texas Transportation Institute.

Interstate 66, which cuts across Northern Virginia, is so congested that a fender bender can cause motorists to spend hours traveling the 24 miles from Haymarket to I-495, where most of the traffic snarls occur.

There's still no train that goes all the way from Washington to Dulles International Airport, some 40 years after plans were first laid. The federal government earlier this year stunned state officials by indicating it didn't want to kick in money for a $5 billion project to extend the rail system to the airport, effectively torpedoing it for now.

Obviously, this isn't all Frank Wolf's fault. Still, you've got to wonder what Wolf's been doing about this situation since 1980, when he was first elected to Congress. I mean, 27 years and all we got was this lousy (and ever worsening) traffic congestion? Seriously, though, how could Wolf have failed to get Metro to Dulles done in 27 years, especially given that he was in the majority for a good chunk of that time? Is that a record of accomplishment that 10th district voters want to reward with yet another term in Congress? Nope, didn't think so.

Monday, March 24, 2008

"The Economist" on Loudoun County Turning "Blue"

The Economist magazine takes a look at Loudoun County's rapid political change in the Democratic direction with an article called "Paint them blue." Here's the conclusion (bolding added for emphasis):
...A rapid influx of voters has thrown Loudoun county's politics into disarray. The county narrowly plumped for Jim Webb, now Virginia's Democratic senator, in 2006 after years of Republican domination in the area. Tim Buchholz, Loudoun's Democratic committee chairman, says his party held just three of 29 elected county offices in 2003. Now they are running even with the Republicans.

Not only have more Democrats moved in from bluer cities but, critically, more independents have come, too. Now Loudoun politicos say the county comprises roughly one-third Democrats, one-third Republicans and one-third independents. Voting in Loudoun now closely mirrors that of the state at large, which is increasingly competitive because of the population spike around Washington: the Republicans, in other words, can no longer depend on what was once a solid vote for them. Fast-growing exurbs are particularly exposed to the subprime crisis, which will focus minds on economic matters rather than security—John McCain's strength.

If the eventual Democratic nominee is able to appeal to Loudoun's swing voters, he or she has a good shot at taking once deep-red Virginia. Repeat that in exurbs across the country, and the Democrats' chances look good.

In short, rapid change - and rapid growth - in Loudoun County means that Democrats now have an excellent shot at winning the county, the congressional district, and the commonwealth. This bodes well not only for the presidential race, but potentially also for Judy Feder against Frank Wolf in November.

Friday, March 21, 2008

This is Humorous

I don't know about you, but I find this to be humorous:
Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., requested federal money for two projects. One would provide more money for anti-gang and drug task forces in Virginia. The other would continue funding mass transit upgrades in the Dulles corridor.
First, I like the headline, "It's earmark time." Second, I love the part about funding "mass transit upgrades in the Dulles corridor." Uh, Congressman? Don't you think it's a little late for that now that the Metro to Dulles project is all but dead, courtesy of the Bush Administration and your own stubbornness ("No bid deal to Bechtel or bust," is that your motto?) By the way, why didn't you use some of your great earmarking powers several years ago to make sure that NOVA got federal money to build this important project instead of waiting until it was being given last rites? Hello?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wolf and RPV Freaking out Over Feder?

I received the following, breathless press release yesterday from the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV):

Washington Post: Donors to Wolf’s Foe Mostly Outside of Virginia

RICHMOND, VA – Republicans look poised to continue representing Virginia’s 10th congressional district as Democrat Judy Feder fails to gather support from residents of the Northern Virginia district.

“Virginia’s 10th district has sent a Republican to Washington for nearly three decades,” said Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Hager. “This strong support for Republicans within the district could explain why Judy Feder has been forced to go to some of the most liberal states in the country to find people willing to donate to her campaign. If she continues to struggle to appeal to people who actually live in the Commonwealth, it will mean another double-digit win for Republicans in November.”

According to a March 18, 2008 Washington Post article, “Donors to Wolf’s Foe Mostly Outside Virginia...”

The question is, why is the RPV so scared -- freaked out, even -- of Judy Feder's candidacy? Why is Frank Wolf sending out panic-stricken fundraising solicitations and whining to the Washington Post about the gobs of money Judy Feder is raising? Oh, sure Wolf and the RPV are technically complaining/whining/moaning about where Judy's money is coming from. But here's the real deal: if Wolf et al. were confident about themselves and not worried about Judy Feder posing a threat, they would simply be ignoring her. That's pretty much standard operating procedure in politics when you've got an opponent who (supposedly) has no chance. These types of press releases prove that Wolf and the RPV believe Judy Feder very much has a chance, and are "going negative" in an attempt to stop her before she gathers momentum.

In short, all this angst by the RPV and Rep. Wolf isn't because Judy Feder can't win, it's because they know she CAN win. Perhaps the fact that Wolf is on the DCCC target list far earlier than last cycle has him scared witless (or a word that rhymes with witless)? Or maybe Wolf and the RPV want to deflect attention from the fact that -- as the Washington Post reports -- "nearly half of Wolf's money has come from political action committees and other special action groups, many of them outside Virginia?" Or maybe they don't want people to focus on the fact that around 25%-30% of Frank Wolf's money comes from special interest, big business and ideologically right-wing PACs, whereas just 5% or so of Feder's money comes from PAC's? How about all of the above?

So here's the deal: if Frank Wolf wants to have a debate about where Judy Feder's and his money is coming from, how about he and his RPV lackeys stop whining on background to reporters and meet Judy anytime, any place, for a thorough debate on this topic? C'mon, Congressman, make Judy Feder's day! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Judy Feder: "I will do what Frank Wolf refuses to do - end the war"

From the Feder for Congress campaign...

Statement by Judy Feder on the Fifth Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

McLean, VA - “Today marks the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Yet, even as the poorly planned and misguided war now enters its sixth year, Rep. Frank Wolf continues to be a rubber stamp for George Bush’s failed approach, consistently voting against a responsible end to the war.”

“Despite five full years, nearly 4,000 brave American soldiers killed, and more than half a trillion dollars spent, Frank Wolf continues to stand in the way of change. Too many of our brave service members and too many military families are paying the ultimate price for George Bush's war in Iraq, and we need to bring them home. The rest of us are paying a pretty high price, too. This war has already cost the taxpayers of Virginia $12.4 billion through the end of 20071. Every year, with the money spent on this foreign policy disaster, we could have insured nearly 40 million Americans. Or, we could have funded desperately needed transportation and infrastructure projects including Rail to Dulles – and begun to alleviate our traffic crisis.”

“For years I’ve worked with the Pentagon to train battle-tested soldiers and if I'm elected to Congress, I will do what Frank Wolf refuses to do – end the war, support a responsible of redeployment of our troops, rebuild our military, and honor the debts owed to the brave men and women who have served their country.”

1 According to the National Priorities Project, the war in Iraq has so far cost the taxpayers of Virginia $12.4 billion, which could otherwise be invested in providing people with affordable health care, building new schools, addressing critical infrastructure needs and investing in renewable energy. [].

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How About Frank Wolf's Money?

Today's Washington Post has a strange article about Judy Feder's and Frank Wolf's fundraising. Why strange? Let us count the ways.

*The article appears two months after the latest campaign finance reports went to the FEC. Why bring this up now and slant the story in such a negative way towards Judy Feder? It's rather curious, to put it mildly, especially given the Post's past support for the supposedly "moderate" Republican Wolf.

*The article buries an important point, that "Wolf was in [Feder's same] position during his successful 1980 campaign against incumbent Joseph L. Fisher (D)." At that time, the Post reported that "nearly half of Wolf's money has come from political action committees and other special action groups, many of them outside Virginia."

*The Post fails to report that around 25%-30% of Frank Wolf's money comes from special interest, big business and ideologically right-wing PACs. The fact is, only about half of Wolf's money comes from individuals, let alone individuals in the 10th district. In contrast, just 5% or so of Feder's money comes from PAC's, with the vast majority of her money coming from individuals. Which do you feel more comfortable with, a candidate beholden more to special interests or more to the people.

*A few of the PACs supporting Wolf are the National Association of Realtors, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Eli Lilly, the American Bankers Association, and something called the "Every Republican is Crucial" PAC. I'm sure that all of these donors are in touch with the needs of regular people in Fauquier, Loudoun, Clarke, Warren, Frederick, and Prince William counties.

*The Post article also buries the point that other great candidates, like Donna Edwards -- who defeated Rep. Al Wynn a few weeks ago in Maryland -- have received significant money from out of state. Does that make Donna Edwards any less of a candidate, or any less popular in her district? Short answer: no.

*In addition, the Post fails to mention that Judy Feder has strong support in the 10th district. Among others, Feder is backed by Del. Margi Vanderhye, Del. Chuck Caputo, Dranesville Supervisor John Foust, 2007 13th House of Delegates district candidate Bruce Roemmelt, and 2007 86th House of Delegates district candidate Jay Donahue.

Monday, March 17, 2008

What Does Frank Wolf Have to Say About This?

I wonder what Frank Wolf has to say about the "Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq" offered by a number of Democratic congressional candidates. I particularly wonder about the part I've bolded below, given that Rep. Wolf has acted as a rubber stamp for the Bush Administration in both those areas.:

Originating outside the Beltway and based on consultations with retired generals and other national security experts on a path forward to end the war, the challengers’ document lays out a series of actions for Congress to take to end United States military involvement in Iraq, strengthen America and improve our standing around the world, restore accountability and checks and balances to our government and work toward energy independence.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure Frank Wolf doesn't agree with this:
Creating a new, U.S.-centered energy policy: Finally, we are clearly tied to Iraq through our dependence on oil, which makes us vulnerable. Moving away from that dependence is necessary for strategic, economic, and environmental reasons.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Frank Wolf: He's At it Again

From the Feder for Congress campaign...
He's at it again. Frank Wolf voted against the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Act. Forty-seven Republicans crossed party lines to vote to end the stigma of mental illness, but Frank Wolf continued adding to his dismal record on health care issues.

As a leader in the fight for quality, affordable health care I know we have serious problems with our health care system. Whether it's mental health equity or the need for affordable health care for all Americans, I'll put my expertise and experience to work to finally get something done.

The status quo simply isn't good enough any longer. I'm ready to lead the way to a better health care system for all Americans but I can't make it happen without your help.

Click here to contribute today.

Last week my campaign manager asked you to help us reach our goal of 2008 individual donations by March 31. Hundreds of people hungry for change have responded and we're now at 1953 donations, only 55 away!

There are only a few weeks left before our critical March 31 fundraising deadline. Can you make a contribution today to help us reach our goal?

Click here to contribute today.

I am so grateful for your support. Together we can achieve quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

Judy Feder

Yet another great reason to replace Frank Wolf with Judy Feder this November.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Frank Wolf Says Americans Who Watch Olympics are "cooperating in ...genocide"

While very few Americans have much love for the current government of China, the fact is that China is an important country with which the United States has extensive, albeit complex, relations -- economic, political, etc. This August, China will host the 2008 Summer Olympics, in which thousands of athletes from around the world -- including a team from the United States -- will compete. In addition, the games will be viewed on TV by a worldwide audience in the billions, including perhaps 200 million (or more) Americans.

But wait a minute, not so fast! According to Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10), if you watch those Olympics you're a very, very bad person.
Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., cited concerns about China's record on human rights during a congressional hearing on Thursday and said Bush's presence would be akin to President Franklin D. Roosevelt sitting in the same stands as Germany's Adolf Hitler in 1936.

"Ronald Reagan would have never gone to the Olympics. I guarantee you that. Never gone," said Wolf, a member of the House Appropriations Committee.


Wolf said he realizes he probably can't stop Bush from attending, but any American seen waving in the stands "will go down in history as cooperating in the genocide Olympics of 2008. And history will never, ever, ever forgive them."

That's right, Frank Wolf says that any American who is "waving in the stands" of the 2008 summer Olympic games is cooperating in genocide. Presumably, when he says "waving in the stands," he's also including the 200 million Americans who will watch the Olympics on TV, since they are a big part of what will make these games an economic success or failure for China, the networks, etc. You might want to keep that in mind this August as you watch America's best swimmers, divers, gymnasts, and other athletes "go for the gold." Frank Wolf says that "history will never, ever forgive [you]."

Don't Hold Your Breath, Greenpeace Guys

I applaud these environmental activists for urging Frank Wolf to do the right thing on the environment:
Citing coastal security concerns and farming economy, a group of about 20 Greenpeace student activists gathered in Herndon on Wednesday afternoon, March 5, before heading to U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf’s (R-10) office to invite him to co-sponsor legislation combating climate change. The activists met with Wolf’s staff and presented more than 1,000 petitions collected in the 10th district in support of the Safe Climate Act of 2006.
"Our message is for Frank Wolf," said Rachel Payne, a Greenpeace student activist. "Virginia is for leaders — Washington, Jefferson, Madison — and we want Frank Wolf to know he can take place among these leaders" by sponsoring the Safe Climate Act.

Sadly, I think the chances of Wolf actually doing what you (correctly) urge him to do are close to zero. Remember, this is the guy who has repeatedly voted AGAINST renewable energy, AGAINST energy security for our nation, and AGAINST the environment. Is there any reason to expect that 1,000 petitions -- or, heck, 1,000,000 petitions -- will unharden Frank Wolf's heart on this? My advice: don't hold your breaths and wait for Wolf on this one. Instead, campaign for Judy Feder and let's get a Representative who cares more about the environment than about ExxonMobil's mega-billions in profits.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wolf for Water Torture

Apparently, Frank Wolf thinks it's ok for the U.S. government to torture people. See here for more about his vote to uphold George W. Bush's veto of a bill that would have limited U.S. intelligence agencies to tactics allowed by the Army field manual. Is this what 10th district voters want from their representative in Congress? No, I didn't think so.

Feder Profile in Winchester Star

Check out the Winchester Star's profile of Judy Feder:
"The Bush administration has been asleep at the wheel, and Frank Wolf has been there helping them," Feder said. "Their practice has been to borrow and spend, which is not good."

She said Wolf has campaigned for years about getting rail service to the Dulles International Airport, but none has been installed.

"Frank Wolf has been promising rail to Dulles for years, but the danger is we are not going to get it," Feder said. "People are very concerned about having a transportation system where it needs to be."

Feder said the concern about Iraq also calls into question Wolf’s fundamental support of Bush policy.

"I was talking to a couple in Manassas, and their son is in his second tour in Iraq," she said. "They said he was all right, but his wife and children need him back now. [Wolf’s stand with Bush on the war] has put [soldiers] at risk and in harm’s way."

Feder said the cost of the war could pay for health care for 40 million Americans who do not have it now.

She said Wolf generally has been supportive of Bush and his policies, often at the expense of residents of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

"People need to know his record and realize he is not doing a better job," Feder said. "I will stand up for the future. I am proud of my positions.

In sum, Wolf fails on rail to Dulles, on Iraq, on health care...and I would also add on energy prices and upholding American values against torture. It is way, WAY past time for a change in the 10th district. Go Judy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gas vs. Tolls

As has been noted here, oil hit $108/barrel, and gas prices are already over $3.10 in the 10th District. Gas and oil are more than a Virginia issue, they are a national issue, one custom built for Congress. Furthermore, reasonable, rational energy policies and fuel-efficiency are matters which Congress has considered often throughout Frank Wolf's tenure. And yet, Frank Wolf has really done nothing about these questions. Could it be that the over $147,000 he has received from the Automotive Industry throughout his career has influenced his perception of his priorities?

Instead of doing something about gas prices, which affect every resident of the 10th District every time they drive and are a national issue worthy of a Congressman's attention, Frank Wolf has focused his attention on Dulles Greenway tolls, an issue which does not impact every driver in the 10th District, and has a much smaller impact on the pocketbooks of his constituents relative to gas prices. Furthermore the, Greenway is a state government issue, not a national issue, one better left to state representatives and leaders.

Frank Wolf asks us to ignore what he can do something about, and rants about something he cannot do anything about.

Interestingly enough, he rants to the wrong people. Frank Wolf does not appear to even fully understand the Greenway, an issue which he has made a hallmark of his PR for the past two years.
Congressman Frank R. Wolf (R-10th) has been on a mission for several years to keep the tolls in check on the privately held Dulles Greenway.
Yesterday, Wolf continued his mission by urging the Virginia General Assembly to freeze the Greenway toll hikes.

He wrote in a letter to lawmakers: “I continue to believe that the original state law which created the public-private partnership for the Greenway is flawed because it fails to protect the consumer.”

The Greenway, however, is not a public-private partnership.

I’m assuming that Wolf is referring to the Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995. Many projects were built as a result of this act, but the Dulles Greenway was not one of them.

The Dulles Greenway was built as a result of the Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988. This legislation gives the Virginia State Corporation Commission control over the toll road operator and is responsible to correct any abuse by such operator. - Living in LoCo
Frank Wolf has written the General Assembly on this issue, even though the Assembly is not the entity responsible for the Greenway!

It is clear that Frank Wolf is not interested in doing something about the real pocketbook issue - gas prices - and cannot even figure out the correct entity to talk to about his petty pocketbook issue, Greenway tolls. We need a Representative in Congress who not only knows what the real issues are, but who the real players are. We need Judy Feder.

Monday, March 10, 2008

$108 per Barrel: Where's Wolf?

Oil prices hit $108 per barrel today, with no end in sight to further increases. Already, people are talking about $3.50 or even $4.00 per gallon gasoline this summer. Where's Frank Wolf in all this? Well, let's see...he voted against renewable energy, including against the Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives for the Nation Act. He voted against measures to reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign oil.

Oh yeah, let's not forget one more factor in the skyrocketing cost of oil -- the weak dollar, caused in large part by our enormous budget and trade deficits, plus the Federal Reserve's interest rate cuts to try to keep us out of a bad recession. All that's in large part the result of Bush-o-nomics, which Frank Wolf has steadfastly supported.

The point is, whether it's energy or the economy, Frank Wolf totally doesn't get it and he certainly hasn't been leading. Does anyone think he'll start doing so anytime soon? Right, I didn't think so.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Paging Frank Wolf!

Since Frank Wolf has been such an outward opponent of new power lines in the 10th CD, I was just wondering where he was on this:
There will be underground lines in Loudoun. After two years of negotiation with Dominion Power, after a junket to Europe, $3,000 in 2007 campaign donations, and a free ticket to a Redskins Game, all paid for by Dominion Power, Joe May has succeeded in his signature goal of getting underground lines for power in his District. The Governor still has to sign off on the bill, but that is not expected to be a problem after the Senate approved it this week.

I have often criticized Del. May for his efforts on this issue, so let me offer our congratulations in his success. Del. May has ensured that there will be buried lines in Loudoun, and that achievement cannot be taken away from him.


Two years, a trip to Europe and back, multiple SCC hearings, negotiations with the company and last-minute revisions to legislation, and the result is less than 2 miles of underground lines. And the rest of that route, some 10.2 miles, will be above-ground, traditional high-tension wires.


This outcome is a calculated triumph for Dominion Power...

Paging Frank Wolf, paging Frank Wolf, your district is getting screwed. Where are you?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

2,008 Strong for Judy in 2008

From the Feder campaign...
2008 is the year for change. We hear that a lot from the pundits. But it isn't the pundits that have made this a year for change. It's people like you, all across the country that are speaking out and standing up for a better America.

Thanks to your help and a hunger for change, Judy is running incredibly strong. To date, we have already received 1,799 individual donations! Today we're asking you to help us meet an ambitious goal of 2,008 individual donations for Judy by our March 31st fundraising deadline.

Click here to be one of 2,008 strong for Judy.

In 2006 we ran the strongest race against Frank Wolf in 24 years. But we didn't cross the 2,000 individual donation threshold until August 10th, less than 3 months from the election. Now, in 2008 we're poised to smash our own record and put Judy on the path to victory.

Individual donors and volunteers are the backbone of our campaign. Frank Wolf has all of the advantages of an incumbent Member of Congress, including hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interest lobbyists and PACs. Yet, thanks to you, Judy has kept pace in fundraising and was ranked by CQ as the 9th best funded challenger in the entire country!

Click here to be one of 2,008 strong for Judy.

We need fundamental change in Washington. After 27 years, it's safe to say that we're not going to get it from Frank Wolf. One of the country's leading health care experts, Judy Feder is a public servant, scholar and independent advocate for American families. She can win in November and with your help change the Congress and our country. Will you help us get there?

We're only 209 donors short of our goal of 2,008 strong for Judy and for change by March 31. But we've only got 26 days left to get there.

Click here to be one of 2,008 strong for Judy and for change, today!

Your contribution of $250, 100, $50 or whatever you can give really does make a difference.

Thank you for your support,

Luke McFarland
Campaign Manager
Judy Feder for Congress


Wolf Votes Against Mental Health Equity

Yesterday, Frank Wolf cast yet another terrible vote, this time against the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act. The bill, which passed the House by an overwhelming 268-148 margin, would "require equity in the provision of mental health and substance-related disorder benefits under group health plans." Why Frank Wolf opposed this, it's hard to say, but 47 of his fellow Republicans (including Tom Davis) voted for it. Wolf joined hard-right hardliners like Virgil Goode and Eric Cantor in voting "nay." For more background on what has been called a "historic moment for [former Sen. Paul] Wellstone's addiction and treatment crusade," click here.
Advocates of the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act say it would end the stigma of mental illness by treating it on a par with physical maladies. "We're no longer going to allow people to languish in the shadows," said Kennedy, who has had his own bout with an addiction to painkillers.

While the congressional debate is far from over, champions of the Wellstone bill celebrated the House vote as the culmination of 12 years of activism on the issue.

Said Ramstad: "We know that Paul Wellstone is smiling down on us today."

Paul Wellstone may be smiling, but Frank Wolf is frowning. Apparently, he doesn't believe that people with mental illness should be treated the same as those with physical illness. Why not? Can anyone ever get an explanation out of this guy? Suggestion to media: ask him about it and don't keep hiding behind the "he's a moderate" malarkey.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Great Move by Loudoun Board of Supervisors

This is a great move by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, and a huge shift from what life was like when Republicans controlled the board:
Loudoun County's new anti-growth Board of Supervisors made its first big decision on new housing, rejecting a development of 500 new homes.

"The winds have definitely shifted. This is a Board of Supervisors who promised to keep the focus on our existing communities," says Loudoun Supervisor Andrea McGimsey, one of eight supervisors to vote against the plan.

The developer who wanted to build the Braddock Village development in Arcola had offered $20 million to the county for schools, roads and other amenities.

McGimsey says the supervisors just don't want more housing in what is called the transition area, a buffer between the dense eastern and the rural western parts of the county.

What a change from December 2007, when the (then) Republican-controlled board acted like this:
Supervisors Stephen J. Snow (R-Dulles) and Eugene A. Delgaudio (R-Sterling) had sought to push through the project, called Braddock Village, even though county planners and lawyers had told the board that they did not have enough time to review the latest version of the development. Snow and Delgaudio later changed their minds, saying they favored voting on the project on another date to give county staff more time to study it.

During the discussion, Delgaudio asked county attorney John R. "Jack" Roberts whether it would be appropriate to vote for the project "subject to the attorney's review. Couldn't we do that?"

The request prompted a sharp response from Board Chairman Scott K. York (I), who was reelected last month.

"It concerns me that we just want to push this thing through," he said. "Doggone it. If you are going to approve a subdivision, make sure at least the county attorney has reviewed the document."

Fortunately, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors is now under Democratic control, and is operating in the people's interests not just the powerful/wealthy. think this could apply to Congress as well? Hint: Farewell Frank!

Sen. Whitehouse for Future Rep. Feder

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Monday, March 3, 2008

A Fellow Republican Critiques Frank Wolf

It's interesting to see a fellow Republican critique Frank Wolf. Here is what Wolf's "Reagan Republican" challenger Vern McKinley has to say:

*Wolf has "drifted badly the last eight to 10 years on spending...It seems like every one of his pet projects got funding, usually as an earmark."

*"McKinley is not a big fan of current U.S. foreign policy, and he said Wolf has not fully thought out the process to improve it."

*"Wolf, like some other members of Congress, does not fully think out issues, forcing him to react to actions rather than come up with a real policy."

*The economic stimulus package that Wolf voted for recently is simply "politicians in Washington [who] want to be seen as doing something about the troubled economy." McKinley adds that it will also mean "[b]orrowing from future generations to pay for consumption today."

*"...voters have shown signs of dissatisfaction with Wolf, commenting on how glad they are that McKinley is in the race."

Obviously, I don't agree with Vern McKinley on his "Reagan Republican" philosophy. Still, it's interesting what one of Wolf's fellow Republicans thinks of him.