Monday, November 19, 2007

10th District Bluer Than Previously Thought

From the New York Times, here's something for Frank Wolf to worry about.
...Northern Virginia looks like it has made the transition from swing area to Democratic territory, portending real Republican trouble should Representative Tom Davis not seek re-election and problems for veteran Republican Congressman Frank Wolf given the given the state legislative and county board results in his district.

"Frank Wolf’s district is more Democratic than previously thought," said the party memo on the results.

By the way the "state legislative and county board results" referred to above are:

1) Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel defeated Democrat Karen Schultz for State Senate by just 659 votes out of 51,521 cast. The 27th Senate district includes all or parts of Clarke County, Fauquier County, Frederick County, Loudoun County, and Winchester City. The district went 63%-37% for George W. Bush in 2004, and 51%-43% for Jerry Kilgore in 2005. In other words, Democrat Karen Schultz nearly defeated Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel in the most Republican parts of the 10th Congressional district. The times they are a changin'!

2) The Loudoun County board elections saw four Democratic challengers defeat four Republican incumbent. Whoops!

And we haven't even talked about Fairfax County, which has turned sharply "blue" in recent years. In sum, the 10th Congressional District is moving in the Democrats' direction -- that is, in Judy Feder's direction -- very quickly. And, this time around, Judy is determined to let everyone know what kind of a Republican Frank Wolf really is. Hint: it's not the "moderate" he claims to be. Another hint: initials GWB. :)


The Green Miles said...

Many Republicans in northern districts are going through the same extinction now that southern Democrats went through years ago. For those southern Dems, their constituents trended Republican, first because of civil rights, then because of Reagan. If it's true that their districts are undergoing similar tectonic shifts, Davis and Wolf could be the last GOPers to hold those districts for a looooong time.

Lowell said...

Especially if we get fairly drawn districts in 2011.