Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Feder Called for Hastert Resignation; Wolf Did Nothing

This Monday, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert submitted his resignation letter, ending his long and...well, long career in Congress. The question is not why Hastert resigned now, but why he didn't do so a long time ago. Maybe if people like Frank Wolf had listened to Judy Feder, instead of blindly supporting their party -- right or wrong -- Hastert and his ilk (Tom DeLay, Mark Foley, etc.) would not have caused the damage that they did. Thanks for being just a great "enabler," Congressman, that's just what people in the 10th district want from you. Not.

P.S. For a reminder of all of Hastert's, ahem, "controversies," see here. My personal "favorites" include Hastert's call for New Orleans to be "bulldozed" after Katrina, Hastert's close connections with Jack Abramoff, and the former Speaker's involvement in protecting sexual predator Mark Foley.

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