Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wolf Continues Lying About Tysons Tunnel

In the face of overwhelming public support in NOVA for Metro to Dulles WITH a tunnel in Tysons Corner, Frank Wolf continues his disinformation campaign with this gem:

"We should know certainly by the end of the year" whether FTA approves the release of the funds, said U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10). As far as any controversy on the design of the project is concerned — tunneling versus elevating the track through Tysons Corner — Wolf said the cost of underground rail would be astronomical. He is counting on the extension to help the traffic-clogged region. "It is the only bright hope for the region," said Wolf."

The cost of underground rail in Tysons would be "astronomical," huh Frank? So, you're just going to ignore the proposal by Dragados to build the Tysons Tunnel for a fixed price of $823 million, significantly lower than the escalating costs estimated for the "Big Dig" Bechtel-built "aerial option?" You're going to ignore the costs to businesses and others in Tysons Corner area of construction during building of the Big Dig above-ground track in Tysons? You're going to totally forget about the enormous long-term economic benefits to a tunnel -- to lower maintenance costs, FAR longer life span, higher ridership potential, smart growth in Tysons, etc., etc. -- of a tunnel vs. the aerial option? Do you care SO little about the taxpaying citizens of Northern Virginia that you would foist upon them a poorly managed project in a NO-BID CONTRACT with a company notorious for the Big Dig?!?

Frankly, Frank, this is unacceptable and this is exactly why you need to get a new job after decades in Congress. You have completely lost touch, if not "lost it" altogether, if you seriously think that the cost of underground rail in Tysons would be "astronomical."

Oh, by the way, what's this about rail to Dulles being the "only bright hope for the region?" There's nothing else good about Northern Virginia, is THAT what you're saying Frank? Or are you saying that it's either YOUR way or the HIGHWAY -- literally, in this case? Pathetic.

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