Friday, November 30, 2007

Feder Campaign Tells Wolf to "Let the Sun Shine In" to His Own House

Today's NV Daily reports on a controversy over naming a new building at Shenandoah University for Frank Rudolph Wolf. Apparently, Rep. Wolf claims he doesn't want "credit" for this earmark, but the Feder campaign sees it differently:
...a spokesman for Wolf's opponent in the 2006 congressional elections, Judy Feder, disagreed, saying the 14-term Republican, who has a reputation for ensuring pet projects in his district get federal funding, wants it both ways.

"I think our criticism of last year is still valid," Luke McFarland said. "He continues to flip-flop on the issue of earmark transparency and reform and refusing to disclose his own records. ... If he truly believes in letting the sun shine in, he should probably should start with his own house."

The problem is, as Judy Feder said the other night, Frank Wolf's so entrenched in the usual ways of doing business in Washington after nearly 3 decades in Congress, it's highly unlike he's going to change. And the bottom line is this: if you're happy with the direction of the country right now, with how Congress is operating, then by all means you should support Frank Wolf for reelection. If not, if you want change and "sunshine" in Washington, then you should strongly support Judy Feder.

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