Friday, November 9, 2007

VA Turning Blue - Wolf Feeling the Heat

From Judy Feder...
On Tuesday, Virginia voters headed to the polls. In a clear sign that Virginians are tired of failed leadership, Democrats regained control of the State Senate and made historic gains accross the commonwealth.

Tuesday's results are even garnering the attention of the national press. National Journal's Hotline noted that a Democratic pickup of the Virginia Senate would mean that "GOPers like Frank Wolf (R-VA 10), Tom Davis (R-VA 11) and even Thelma Drake (R-VA 02) may have more to worry about than just the redistricting implications for '12. They'll feel the heat in '08."

Well Virginia Democrats did take back the State Senate on Tuesday and now it's time to make Frank Wolf start feeling the heat.

Tuesday was an important day for Virginia. This historic election proved that Virginians across the state are ready for change, ready to move Virginia forward, and that the 10th Congressional District is ready to turn blue.

In 2005, Tim Kaine won the 10th Congressional District. The following year, we helped send Jim Webb to the U.S. Senate. Earlier this week my Delegate district elected a Democrat to represent us in Richmond for the first time in nearly four decades. Democrats were also swept into office at the local level across the 10th District, at the same time that every Democratic Member of the General Assembly in the 10th won reelection.

Now is the time to keep our momentum going by getting an early start on 2008.

Thanks to your help our campaign is one of the few challengers in the country to have more cash on hand than an incumbent Member of Congress. We've surged to a $65,000 cash advantage, putting us nearly half a million dollars ahead of where we were at the beginning of 2006.

We're off to a phenomenal start, but victory in 2008 means beginning today. Sign up to volunteer and keep track of all of the latest news at

We've already taken the first steps towards change in the 10th District and in our nation. Together we can finish the job in 2008.

Thanks loads for your support!
Judy Feder

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