Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feder Campaign News Update

Campaign News Update 12/12/2007

Fundraising Challenge Update

Wow! With your help we've raised $20,450 online since last week when we challenged our supporters to help us raise $35,000 online by the end of the year. We're only 1 week into our challenge and already more than half way to our goal!

Can you help us get the rest of the way there?

We've been amazed at the response to our challenge. Even if you feel you can't give much, remember that every dollar helps.

Together we're going to put Frank Wolf on the ropes and bring real change to Washington in 2008.

Kicking off the '08 season

With strong support from local Democrats the Feder campaign kicked off the '08 season with a reception headlined by Delegate-elect Margi Vanderhye and Supervisor John Foust. The kickoff came on the heels of an historic victory by Virginia Democrats in local and state elections on November 6, 2007. See a few pictures from the kickoff yourself on our blog Farewell Frank.

We're on a Roll

Have you heard? We're really on a roll. Six months since getting back in the race we've never been stronger. Here's just some of the latest good news.

10/15/07 Feder Out Raises Wolf 3-1 in 3rd Quarter
Judy Feder is now one of only a handful of Democratic challengers nationwide to have more Cash on Hand than a Republican Incumbent.

11/6/07 House Race Hotline - Wolf will feel the heat in '08
On the morning of Virginia's 2007 elections the National Journal's - House Race Hotline noted that if VA Democrats take back the state Senate "GOPers like Frank Wolf (R-VA 10), Tom Davis (R-VA 11) and even Thelma Drake (R-VA 02) may have more to worry about than just the redistricting implications for '12. They'll feel the heat in '08." Virginia Democrats did just that, taking back the state Senate, gaining seats in the house and reelecting every Democratic Member of the General Assembly.

11/16/07 New York Times Predicts Problems for Wolf in '08
"And Northern Virginia looks like it has made the transition from swing area to Democratic territory, portending real Republican trouble should Representative Tom Davis not seek re-election and problems for veteran Republican Congressman Frank Wolf given the given the state legislative and county board results in his district."

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