Thursday, December 6, 2007

Frank Wolf Votes Against the Environment, Energy Security

You really can't get much worse than today's vote by Frank Wolf against the CLEAN (Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives for the Nation) Act. The bill, accurately described as "'a new direction' in U.S. energy policy away from dependence on fossil fuels." passed the House 212-167. In voting against this bill, Frank Wolf managed to oppose the environment, renewable energy, and U.S. energy security in one fell swoop. Wolf the "moderate" also opposed this:
The bill would roll back $13.5 billion in tax breaks enjoyed by the five largest U.S. oil companies with the money to be used for tax incentives for development of renewable energy, including cellulosic ethanol from grasses and wood chips and biodiesel, and to spur energy efficiency programs and conservation.

Just remember this come election day next November: Frank Wolf is on the side of Big Oil but against energy efficiency, renewable energy, and weaning the United States off of dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Priorities, priorities...

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