Thursday, December 20, 2007

Washington Post: Wolf Faces Potentially "Tough Reelection Battle"

From today's Washington Post:
In the 10th District, which stretches from Fairfax County to the upper Shenandoah Valley, Rep. Frank R. . Wolf (R) is girding for a potentially tough reelection battle.


Feder is a heavy favorite to win the nomination. Unlike Byrne, who struggled to raise money during her run for lieutenant governor, Feder is a prolific fundraiser. In her unsuccessful race last year, she raised $1.6.million. The former Clinton administration official has out-raised Wolf so far this year.

"I know, from what I experienced last year, what it takes to win this race," Feder said. "I don't think anyone can top my background, my experience for commitment for change."


Either way, Byrne and Feder have reasons to be optimistic about their chances if they are the nominees.

Byrne racked up a 16,000-vote margin in the 11th District in her losing bid for lieutenant governor in 2005. Feder is known as a tireless campaigner who impressed Democrats in Washington last year.

By the way, Wolf is also being challenged from the right by Vern McKinley. who says, "In recent years, Congressman Wolf has gone off the deep end." Should be an interesting primary campaign -- on the Republican side, anyway!

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