Friday, December 14, 2007

This is Amusing

This is amusing, courtesy of Swing State Project:
The GOP is continuing to pour its resources into the OH-05 special election. The latest expenditure? $17,319 on phone banks this weekend. That kind of money can buy you an awful lot of phone calls, especially of the robotic variety.

This brings the NRCC's total tab in the OH-05 race to $428,001.

Meanwhile, GOP money is flowing fast and furious into Bob Latta's campaign coffers. In his most recent 48 hour fundraising reports, Latta brought in $110,100 on December 7th, and another $45,700 yesterday (including $15K from himself). If you dig through the reports, Latta is raking in cash from the campaign committees of all sorts of congresscritters: Steve Chabot, Frank Wolf, Mario Diaz-Balart, Bill Shuster, Pat Tiberi, Chris Shays, Jon Porter, and others.
Why was Frank Wolf so interested in helping Bob Latta in Ohio's 5th CD? Something tells me Wolf wouldn't agree with this: "GOP Congressional Candidate Bob Latta: Just As Dumb As You'd Expect". Ha.

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