Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Judy Feder is "Almost There!"

We're almost there! Recently, I challenged you to help us raise $35,000 online before the end of the year. Less than two weeks later, online supporters have now contributed an amazing $30,224.

Help us raise the last $4,776 by contributing today!

Talking to the residents of Virginia's 10th District I continue to hear about how Frank Wolf has chosen to stand with President Bush and not with them.

As a Member of Congress I'll stand with you, and fight every day for the ideals we share; affordable health care for every American, ending the war in Iraq, and enacting sensible energy and environmental policies to ensure that our children and grandchildren enjoy the same quality of life that we do.

Together we can change the direction of our country, and we've never been in a better position to do so. But I need your help to finish the job.

Make a contribution today to help me change the country.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support. Together we can bring real change to Washington in 2008.


Judy Feder

Go Judy!

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