Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Democrats in VA-10 Outperform McCain Field Effort Nationwide in July

From Feder for Congress...very impressive!
Democrats in VA-10 Outperform McCain Field Effort Nationwide in July

Feder Campaign and Democratic Party of Virginia’s Coordinated Campaign Combine for More Than 98,000 Door-knocks and Phone Calls

McLean, VA – Just over a week after receiving the endorsement of Emily’s List and being added to the list of “Red to Blue” races by the DCCC, the Feder campaign is demonstrating the overwhelming advantage the Democrats have going into the fall election.

During the month of July, the Feder campaign in conjunction with the Democratic Party of Virginia’s coordinated campaign combined for a total of 98, 519 door-knocks and phone calls in the 10th congressional district.

Compare that to the efforts of the McCain campaign nationally during the same time period and the advantage Feder will have over Wolf on the ground becomes obvious:

"Every Friday, the 11 regional directors file a detailed report to political director Mike DuHaime with precise numbers such as how many voters were contacted in their states that week and how many county and precinct chairs were added. Then, on Saturday morning, DuHaime holds a conference call with the regional directors, as well as with top RNC aides and the state directors…A month ago, McCain's campaign made a combined 20,000 phone calls and door-knocks." (McCain Ground Game Revs Up, Politico, 8/8/08)

“There is so much excitement for the Obama-Warner-Feder ticket, it really is making a difference in connecting with the voters," said Feder campaign manager Luke McFarland. "Virginia’s 10th congressional district is ready for change, and in July what we really saw was a door-to-door blitz in the field that highlights the enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: anyone who thinks this is just going to be a replay of 2006 is kidding themselves.”

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