Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's the "Democratic National Congressional Committee?"

From a panicky email by Frank Wolf:
We want to make you aware that last Friday, the Democratic National Congressional Committee decided to add the 10th District to its list of "targeted" races. This will mean more out-of-state money for Congressman Wolf's opponent...
We need your help to counter this out-of-state operation.
Uh, Congressman, how long have you been around Washington? Wait, don't answer that. Ha. :) Still, don't you think that after several decades in D.C. you should know that it's the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, aka DCCC, not some make-believe organization you call the "Democratic National Congressional Committee," that has added Judy Feder to its "Red to Blue" list? Well, then, maybe you shouldn't read this:
The DCCC's list adds up to over $34 million on TV ads this September and October in 31 targeted districts, a move designed to swamp the NRCC with the Dems' huge cash advantage.
Or this:
The DCCC raised $10 million in June, and reported $54.7 million cash on hand at the end of the month. The NRCC raised $6.1 million in June, and ended June with $8.5 million in its campaign account.
A nearly 7:1 cash advantage for the DCCC over the NRCC? No wonder why Frank Wolf is making up names of organizations that don't exist.

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