Friday, August 31, 2007

Comment, Congressman?

I wonder if Congressman Wolf has any comment on the latest scandal involving Jill Holtzman Vogel, the right-wing Republican running against Democrat Karen Schultz in the 27th State Senate District to replace Russ Potts. The reason I ask is that Wolf has been highly supportive of Holtzman Vogel, as he has been of Patricia "Dick Black Cat-Woman" Phillips and other far-right-wing Republicans. One question I'd like to ask Congressman Wolf, if he'd ever agree to meet with anyone who doesn't give him wads of money, is how his professed "moderation" gibes with the right-wing extremism and the scandalous behavior of the people he endorses.


Paradox13VA said...

Can you quote from the story? The link appears to be broken and this sounds interesting.

Lowell said...

For whatever reason, that link's no longer working. I've linked to the Washington Post story instead.