Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Feder Says Wolf is "Aiding and Abetting" Bush

Here are some great quotes, one from Judy Feder and the other from John Bruhns, legislative representative for the coalition group, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. Both spoke to the Fairfax County Times after an anti-war rally on August 16.

First, Judy Feder:
"People in this district want change, and we can see here today that the war is at the top of the list," Feder said. "Frank Wolf is aiding and abetting George Bush's failed policies. We need someone to represent this district who will stand up and end the war."

Next, John Bruhns, who "lay the fault of the 10th District's financial priorities squarely at Wolf's feet."
"Frank Wolf has enabled George W. Bush to break the back of our military by continually supporting his reckless war policy in Iraq," Bruhns told The Times.

"George W. Bush isn't running in 2008, but Frank Wolf is - and if he thinks we are going anywhere, he has another thing coming. We are just warming up and we are just getting started."

That pretty much says it all about Frank Wolf. Man, is it ever time for a change in the 10th District!

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