Sunday, August 19, 2007

What the Iraq War Has Cost the 10th District

Click here for a report on what the Iraq War has cost the 10th District of Virginia. Also, check out what the 10th district COULD have gotten instead of the war.
What Citizens of Virginia's 10th District Could Have Gotten Instead:
· Health care coverage for 452,504 people—or 814,521 kids, or
· Head Start for 226,208 additional kids, or
· 24,653 new elementary school teachers, or
· 221,488 scholarships to make college more affordable, or
· Renewable electricity for 1,347,355 homes, or
· 10,652 affordable housing units, or
· 37,237 public safety officers to keep the streets safe, or
· 26,624 port container inspectors for Virginia

All for what, so that our country could be LESS secure than it was before the Iraq War? Apparently, that's what Frank Wolf would have us believe. No thanks.

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