Friday, August 24, 2007

Warner's Comments Highlight Wolf's Refusal to Listen to Virginians on Iraq

McLean, VA –Senator John Warner's recommendation that the US begin withdrawing troops from Iraq highlights the fact that 27-year incumbent Rep. Frank Wolf is out of touch with Virginia voters.

"Perhaps Senator Warner is hearing the same thing from Virginians that I'm hearing—it's time to bring our troops home. Like President Bush, Frank Wolf only discusses the war at Republican Party events while refusing to meet with the ordinary Virginians he is supposed to represent. Voters are wondering whether Frank Wolf is more interested in playing politics with the war than in bringing it to an end."

Rep. Wolf has been wedded to backing the Bush policy on Iraq, from the initial war, through the surge and at every major step in between. He has refused to attend a non-partisan town hall meeting on August 28, in Manassas to listen to his constituents’ views on Iraq.

Feder, who made ending the war a focus of her 2006 campaign to unseat Frank Wolf, added, "Virginians, like most Americans, believe the President's leadership has failed, and Congress must provide the leadership to bring our troops home. The President cannot be relied upon to initiate a withdrawal when Mr. Bush has already made it clear he will leave troops in Iraq until he leaves office," said Feder.

Feder has been traveling Virginia's 10th District listening to voters about Iraq. A video on her website,, features some of these conversations and has garnered national attention.

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