Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Why Is Frank Wolf Against Healthy Children?

From the Feder campaign...bolding added for emphasis.
"Wolf's vote against health care coverage for Virginia children is inexcusable."

McLean, VA - Yesterday, the United State House of Representatives voted to provide health care coverage to 5 million children in our country by passing the Children's Health and Medicare Protection Act -- the CHAMP ACT. Frank Wolf supported President Bush and voted with other Republicans in the House against CHAMP.

"It is inexcusable, and it's just plain wrong. Frank Wolf voted against the 137,000 Virginia children who already get their health care coverage through the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and the 171,642 other Virginia children who have no health insurance at all," said Judy Feder.

The CHAMP ACT passed by the House reauthorized and expanded State Children's Health and Insurance Program. President Bush's proposed budget gutted the SCHIP program.

Judy Feder, a national expert on health care, said "Providing children with the medical care they need shouldn't be a partisan, political issue, it should be a Congressional priority."

Enacted in 1997, SCHIP has provided thousands of uninsured Virginia children with quality health care. Right now the program lacks the funds necessary to sustain the millions of children who depend on it each year.

"I fully support the CHAMP ACT and though I am greatly disappointed in Frank Wolf's vote against coverage for children. I am not surprised given his dismal and partisan record on healthcare issues. To solve our health care problems, we're going to have to retire Congressmen like Frank Wolf," stated Feder.

Wolf's dismal record on healthcare includes voting to allow insurance companies, not doctors and patients to make healthcare decisions, gutting state protections for diseases like diabetes and breast cancer and repeatedly voting against potentially life saving stem-cell research.

Why do people still think Frank Wolf is a "moderate" when he votes like THIS?!? This guy has GOT to go, period.

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