Thursday, August 9, 2007

Frank Wolf Blows Off Constituents for Big Contributor

This is pathetic, insider politics at its worst: Frank Wolf is holding a "town hall" for one of his big contributors, EDS, which has given him over $8,000 the past few years.  But he's blowing off his constituents on the Iraq War. Sad to say, it looks like if 10th District residents want to talk to Wolf about Iraq, they'll need to start cutting him some checks...
Frank Wolf `Chickens Out' and Refuses to Address Constituents about War in Iraq, Instead Appears at Exclusive and Private Town Hall

`Iraq Summer' Campaign to be Joined by Iraq War Veteran, Concerned Virginians for a Rally Outside Wolf's Private Town Hall, Will Call on Congressman to Participate in Aug. 28th `Take a Stand' Day to Explain Iraq Stance to All Constituents

Herndon, VA - On July 12, 2007, the `Iraq Summer' campaign, along with local Virginia veterans hand delivered a letter to Rep. Frank Wolf inviting him to address his constituents about the Congressman's continued support of the President's failed policies in Iraq at a public town hall on August 28th - `Take a Stand' Day. Unfortunately, the campaign did not hear back from Congressman and instead had to read that he declined the invitation in the July 18th publication of the Herndon Connection. However, Congressman Wolf has made himself readily available to conduct a private and exclusive a Town Hall meeting at the EDS Company in Herndon on Thursday, August 9th at 9:45AM.

In response, the `Iraq Summer' campaign, along with Iraq war veteran John Bruhns and outraged 10th congressional constituents will hold a protest rally outside the EDS building, which a include a constituent in a full chicken costume highlighting the Congressman's shameful refusal to face the people of vast majority of Virginians who want to see a safe and responsible end to the war in Iraq.

Over the last several weeks Americans Against Escalation in Iraq's "Iraq Summer" campaign has rolled out the welcome mat in preparation for Frank Wolf's arrival by signing up hundreds of Wolf's constituents as volunteers, holding rallies in front of his office, and planting lawn signs and going door-to-door throughout his immediate neighborhood. But Congressman Wolf has been nowhere to be found in his district until now.

"Iraq Summer" is a nationwide, 10-week long campaign with nearly 100 organizers in 15 states and 40 congressional districts to turn up the heat on Republican members of Congress, including Senator Warner, Reps. Thelma Drake and Tom Davis, who have opposed setting a timeline to bring a safe and responsible end to the war in Iraq. The effort will culminate with a national "Take a Stand" day on August 28th, when Members of Congress will have the opportunity to explain their stance on the war to their constituents in a town hall setting.

By the way, John Bruhns is an Iraq vet who was awarded the combat infantry badge and was honorably discharged in 2005. John was a big supporter of Jim Webb in 2006, and is a frequent commentator on the Iraq War.

Courtesy of Americans Against Escalation in Iraq

P.S. EDS is a major defense contractor. See here for more.

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