Monday, July 28, 2008

99 Days Until We All Say "Farewell Frank!"

We only have 99 days left to change our country.

This past weekend we marked 100 days from November 4th with grassroots canvasses across the district. From Herndon to McLean and Ashburn to Winchester, volunteers took the Obama-Warner-Feder message of change to thousands of doors.

We’re receiving an overwhelmingly positive response. With tens of thousands of doors knocked, canvass results show Judy running ahead of Wolf in both Fairfax and Loudoun counties!

Maybe that’s why the Wolf campaign has decided to go on the attack. In 2006, they ignored us until the very end. This year, they know change is on the way and they’re doing everything they can to hold back the tide.

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Just last week the Wolf campaign attacked Judy twice. First, for supporting a bi-partisan effort to provide tax relief for middle income homeowners. Then, they trotted out the tired GOP strategy of trying to link Democratic candidates to Speaker Pelosi.

That strategy was tried and failed, in special elections across the country over the past year. It didn’t even work in Denny Hastert’s old seat and with your help it’s not going to work in VA-10 either.

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Unable to go toe-to-toe on the issues, they’ve resorted to the politics of the past. Tired, old attacks that just aren’t going to work in 2008.

Last week, they had to turn off their fax machine after being overwhelmed with questions on whether Rep. Wolf stood with the Iraqi government, Senator Obama and the American people in favor of a timeline for withdrawal or if he instead favored Senator McCain's open ended commitment.

With the local press saying, "the 10th Congressional District rematch between former Democrat Judy Feder and Republican Rep. Frank Wolf could well be a nip-and-tuck affair,” it’s no wonder they’re scared.

Please make your contribution today to help us keep the momentum going.

Thank you for your support. With your help we’re going to change the direction of our country on November 4th.

Luke McFarland
Campaign Manager

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