Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paul Begala: Frank Wolf Called him a Soviet Spy!

Last night, Del. Margi Vanderhye hosted a fundraiser for Judy Feder. The special guest was legendary political strategist Paul Begala, who blasted Frank Wolf. Here are my notes from what Begala said last night:

According to Begala, Frank Wolf's "master narrative" is that he's a "moderate," but that's complete nonsense. Incredibly, back in the 1990s, Wolf suggested that Begala was a spy for the Soviet Union. Of course, there wasn't a Soviet Union anymore at that point (it collapsed in 1991, before Bill Clinton and Paul Begala appeared on Frank Wolf's wacky radar screen), and Begala wasn't a spy, but whatever...

Begala said that it's great Wolf's concerned with religious freedom in China, but here in America he gets a 100% rating from the "extremist," "divisive," "homophobic," "mysogynistic" Family Research Council. In short, Frank Wolf is no moderate ("It just ain't so"), and it's "preposterous" how he is viewed that way. To the contrary, Begala noted that Wolf votes close to 100% of the time with Bush, and that he certainly does NOT reflect the values of the 10th CD. In contrast, Judy Feder will reflect those values when she's sworn in next January!

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