Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feder Statement on the Iraqi Government's Support for a Timetable for Withdrawal

A strong statement by Judy Feder.
McLean, VA — The following is a statement from Judy Feder in response to the Iraq Government's support of a timetable for withdrawal:

"In the wake of statements from Prime Minister Al-Maliki it has become increasingly clear that Americans are uniting behind the Democratic plan to set a responsible timeline for redeploying our troops.

"Over the weekend, Prime Minister Al-Maliki spoke in favor of the Obama plan. Yesterday, Iraqi government officials reiterated their support for a timetable for withdrawal. A majority of Iraqis are eager for the war to draw to a close so that they can take responsibility for their own future.

"The American people understand that it is time to bring the troops home and allow the Iraqi people to move forward with a vision for a new sovereign Iraq. Those of us who are looking for a responsible end to the war should embrace the opportunity that has been created by the Iraqi government call for a timetable.

"While it is becoming increasingly clear that the American people and Iraqi leaders strongly support the Democratic plan to bring our troops home, the Republicans have refused to support a timetable for withdrawal.

"The choice is clear: the Republican position on Iraq is no longer acceptable, and Americans are uniting behind a responsible timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. It is time for the Republican Party and its leaders to listen to the American people."

So, Frank Wolf, are you still sticking with Johnny McSame and his 100-year plan for Iraq? In answering this question, you might want to keep in mind that your fearless leader, Dubya, has said about the Iraqis, "If they were to say, leave, we would leave." Uh, oh... :)

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