Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where Does Frank Wolf Stand on the "Whiners" Comment?

The Democratic Party of Virginia is calling on Attorney General Bob McDonnell to "renounce the support of top campaign donor Phil Gramm, who believes America is 'a nation of whiners.'" What does Frank Wolf think of his John McCain's top economic advisor?
Democrats call on McDonnell to renounce Gramm
Top McDonnell donor believes America is "a nation of whiners"

RICHMOND - The Democratic Party of Virginia called on Bob McDonnell on Tuesday to renounce the support of top campaign donor Phil Gramm, who believes America is "a nation of whiners."

"Virginians have a right to know whether Bob McDonnell thinks we're all just whiners," said Democratic Party of Virginia executive director Levar Stoney. "We think it's time for Bob McDonnell to clean his hands of this matter. McDonnell needs to tell Virginians if he stands with this top donor or if he stands with them."

Gramm, a top economic advisor to Sen. John McCain, made headlines last week when he said that the country is in a "mental recession" and that we were a "nation of whiners." He declared the current economic recession only in our minds one day after the average gas prices in Virginia crossed $4 a gallon.

Gramm is a top-15 donor and close acquaintance of Bob McDonnell. The Former Senator gave $50,000 to McDonnell's campaign for Attorney General and another $5,000 last July. [VPAP.org]

During his time in the Senate, Gramm authored the so-called "Enron Loophole," which allowed oil speculators to drive up the price of gas. As recently as 2006, Gramm was lobbying against the loophole's closure. [MSNBC, 6/18/08]

McDonnell's latest campaign finance reports will be released this week.

"Phil Gramm gave us $4 a gallon gas, and now he says we're in a mental recession?" Stoney said. "I would hope that Attorney General McDonnell will have the sense to distance himself from Mr. Gramm."

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