Monday, July 21, 2008

Feder Getting Under Frank's Skin?

Based on this article, it sure looks like Judy Feder is getting under Frank Wolf's (thin) skin.
Speaking in an interview earlier this week, Wolf campaign manager Dan Scandling said the Feder campaign was "all bluff and no stuff," and was trying to draw a false connection between fundraising and votes.

"Dan Scandling's attacks against this campaign are nothing more than an attempt to deflect from our obvious strength," said Luke McFarland, Feder's campaign manager.

"I'm sure they would prefer that we didn't raise a penny and just went away quietly. That isn't going to happen," McFarland said.

"As for the merits of the statement, well, we just can't let that kind of blatant attack go unchallenged. So, we'll be happy to share some of our 'stuff,'" he said.

Feder's campaign has participated in 34 community meetings across the district and attended 23 parades, festivals and other events, he said.

They also have knocked on 14,917 doors and made 12,942 volunteer phone calls.

"We're one of the most competitive, well-funded challengers in the nation so it's hardly a surprise that the Wolf campaign would be feeling defensive and like they need to lash out," he said.

How many doors have you knocked on, Frank Wolf?

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