Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fairfax, Prince William Democratic Committees Choose New Leadership

Last night was a big night for the Fairfax and Prince William County Democratic committees, as both voted for new leadership. In Fairfax, Judy Feder was present as Scott Surovell defeated Steve Bunn, 217 votes (59%) to 152 votes (41%), for FCDC chair. Scott emphasized the importance of FCDC operating on "all cylinders," pointing out that if it doesn't, we end up with people like Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling in office. Scott declared, "We're gonna take this committee to the next level." He added, "I've got a lot of energy, we're gonna do great things." I'm sure he will...great things like helping to take back the 10th and 11th CD's for the Democrats this November!

Meanwhile, in Prince William County, Pete Frisbie was elected to serve a full two year term has chairman. Frisbie, just 28 years old, is one the youngest chairs of a local political party committee of any party in Virginia. Also elected as Vice Chairs were Kevin English in the 1st CD, Cindy Kennedy in the 10th CD, and Ernestine Jenkins in the 11th CD. Jim O'Connor and Dottie Holley were elected as Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary, respectively, with Bill Westhoff elected as Treasurer.

Congratulations to everyone who was elected last night; 2008 should be a great year, and you'll all be a big part of it!

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