Monday, January 14, 2008

Judy Welcomes Margi to Richmond!

From a friend...thanks! Also, congratulations to Margi Vanderhye, who I see has already introduced some great legislation. Cross-posted at Raising Kaine.
Yesterday around 100 friends and family members joined Delegate Margi Vanderhye for her ceremonial swearing in. It was a rare opportunity for most of us to step onto the house floor for a birds eye view of a delegate's working environment. Delegate Vanderhye as always looked great. The best news of all is that after 40 years of republican rule the 34th House District will now be served by an intelligent, able, and forward thinking democrat.

Delegate Vanderhye thanked all of those in attendance. She noted that she visited the House chamber when she was a teenager and promised that she would return! Here at RK we just want to say WELCOME BACK Margi, WELCOME BACK!

*Hoping to duplicate the same success as Delegate Vanderhye, Judy Feder was one of many guests to join Margi and her family is yesterday's ceremonial proceedings.

*Delegate Vanderhye sits at her desk. Here she is seen with former staffers Julia and Jessica. During the session Delegate Bouchard and Delegate Amundson will sit next to her.

*A birds eye view of Delegate Vanderhye's desk.

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