Thursday, January 24, 2008

Judy's January Newsletter

From the Feder campaign...
Campaign News Update 1/24/08

Gearing Up the Grassroots

It's finally time! Thanks to your help we had a great 2007. Now it's time to get the grassroots in gear. The first order of business is to gather the 1,000 signatures necessary to get Judy on the ballot.

Judy's already hard at work collecting signatures. See the picture (right) with Salona precinct captain LaVerne Taylor being one of the first to sign Judy's petition. Before LaVerne started delivering Salona for the Democrats every election she was a political pioneer in her own right. As State Auditor of Montana she was one of the first female elected officials west of the Mississippi.

Can you help gather signatures for Judy? Click here to lend LaVerne and Judy a hand.

The Washington Post: "Feder Building Campaign War Chest"

Our financial strength has caught the attention of the national media, with the Washington Post noting the increasing size of our formidable war chest. The incredible outpouring of support for our campaign demonstrates that Virginians are frustrated with the lack of leadership in Washington and ready for change in 2008.

Click here to keep the momentum going with a contribution today!

Frankly, Why Frank's Franking

Frank Wolf never put together much of a record on health care. Therefore it was a surprise when a postcard on Wolf's health care record landed in 10th District mailboxes recently. The glossy mailing, paid for at taxpayer expense, does it's best to hide Wolf's record of failure on health care issues during his 27 years in Congress.

Wolf’s dismal record on health care includes voting to allow insurance companies, not doctors and patients to make health care decisions, gutting state protections for diseases like diabetes and breast cancer and repeatedly voting against potentially life saving stem-cell research. Wolf also initially opposed the State Children's Health Insurance Program before a politically motivated conversion this summer.

You can see Wolf's mailing and get the real scoop on the Wolf record on our blog at:

December Challenge Update

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! On December 6th we asked for your help to raise $35,000 online in the last 25 days of 2007. You blew us away with your generosity and enthusiasm. 238 individuals gave online for a total of $72,069.08 in only 25 days! Judy's never been stronger and it's all because of you!

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