Wednesday, January 2, 2008

When Democrats Take Charge

Elections in November brought big changes to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, and they're good ones. For starters, as the Examiner writes, "The sweeping election of four new Democrats to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has dramatically reshaped the government's approach to growth, the dominant issue in what was the nation's fastest growing county in recent years."

As the Washington Post wrote on Christmas eve, the Republican-controlled board had "moved forward with its [development] plans, mocking those who tried to stand in its way." That's right, it was "my way or the highway" - almost literally -- when the Republicans were in charge. Not anymore.

In addition, the Examiner reports that the Board of Supervisors "will open its 2008 agenda Thursday with a slate of ethics proposals designed to upgrade the reputation of the beleaguered county board." This comes in reaction to improper activity (possibly worse, as authorities announced a federal probe into possible corruption) when Republicans were in charge. Now, with Democrats in control, the situation is improving rapidly.
The initiatives include restrictions on last-minute adjustments to development applications and new financial disclosure requirements for members of all citizen advisory committees and many county staffers. The plan also proposes some restrictions on former county officials and employees and better disclosure of board meeting information and archives.
This is what happens when Democrats take charge, whether at the county level or the national level. And this is exactly why we need people like Judy Feder in Congress -- to continue the progress made over the past year in purging Washington, DC of the rampant corruption and arrogant disregard for the rule of law seen during the Tom DeLay/Dick Cheney years.

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