Friday, September 19, 2008

7,021 views and counting!

From the Feder campaign:
On Tuesday we gave our supporters the chance for a special sneak preview of our new ad, “History.” Hundreds of you chipped in $25 to help us put it on the air and get an early look at the new ad.

Yesterday, “History” went live on television screens across the 10th District and on YouTube. Since then we’ve had more than 7,000 YouTube views, our best total ever!

If you haven’t seen “History” yet you can watch it now by clicking below:

With only 46 days left your support matters more than ever.

Make a donation today to help us increase increase our already strong ad buy and let everyone in the 10th District know that after 28 years Frank Wolf isn't going to bring us the change we need.

Thanks for everything you’re doing,

Luke McFarland
Campaign Manager

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