Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Does Frank Wolf Have Against Poker?

This is more amusing than anything else (of course, I don't play poker...for those who do, it's probably not amusing at all), but still it's kind of interesting.
Wolf, Frank [R-VA]
Rep. Wolf is F rated in my Congressional guide, as he voted for HR 4411 and cosponsored HR 4777. The Democratic nominee is Professor of Public Policy at Georgetown University and Dean of their Georgetown Public Policy Institute Judy Feder.
According to the Congress and Internet Poker Rights website, here are the rankings for the Virginia delegation on "freedom and liberty regarding playing poker on the Internet."

Bobby Scott (D): A+
Jim Moran (D): A
Rick Boucher (D): F

Eric Cantor (R): F
Thelma Drake (R): F
Randy Forbes (R): F
Virgil Goode (R): F
Tom Davis (R): F
Frank Wolf (R): F
Bob Goodlatte (R): F-
Rob Wittman (R): ?

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