Thursday, September 25, 2008

Georgetown Hoya Profiles Judy Feder

The Georgetown Hoya profiles Judy Feder. Here's an excerpt (bolding added by me for emphasis):
Looking back to 2006, Feder says a lot of things have changed.

“Warner had lost our district by nine points in ’01, Kaine won it by four points in ’05,” she says of the previous two gubernatorial races in the state that both went to the Democrats.

Virginia’s diverse 10th congressional district, home of the sprawling D.C. suburbs of McLean as well as the historic Civil War town of Manassas, known for the Battle of Bull Run, has seen a demographic shift that has largely benefited the Democratic Party.

And the changing demographics have Democrats betting that they grab an upset.

“She’s on the short list for the democrats for likely winning races,” [former Congressional Budget Office director Alice] Rivlin said. “She stands a better chance than she did two years ago.”

Feder says she has learned a lot over the last two years and insists that while she “got in to win” in 2006, she knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task.

“It’s a district where voters like to know their candidates, and I got in late,” she says. “But I gave Mr. Wolf the toughest race he’s had in 24 years. It takes a while.”

Read the entire article here, and go Judy! :)

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