Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Fiasco Demonstrates Why We Need Change More Than Ever

Yes, I realize that Frank Wolf voted for the bailout legislation today. The problem is, for the past 20 years Frank Wolf has been voting for the policies that GOT US INTO THIS MESS in the first place. Now, all of a sudden, he votes to bail out his buddies on Wall Street, after voting in lockstep with an Administration that has favored the wealthy, powerful and well-connected every step of the way leading up to this meltdown? Wonderful! Such leadership! Brilliant! (note: snarky blogger sarcasm alert)

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neeraj said...

This is a bad idea. I expect a bad Christmas season because of this. The bill does nothing for the Average American stuck in a home that they duped into buying, a home that they cannot afford.

Also, taking money from customers (us) to give to sellers (business) is a bad idea because if the buyer does not have money, they cannot buy. This will cause the seller to go out of business. Giveing them more money will only delay the inevitable. To boost the economy, give money to the people, not corporations.

Neeraj Nigam
independent candidate for US House