Monday, September 22, 2008

Feder Blasts McCain on Plan to Let Health Insurance Companies "Run Wild"

From the Democratic National Committee, this event was held Sunday afternoon:
In Front of McCain's HQ, Judy Feder, Barbara Favola, and Concerned Virginians Blast McCain's New Call to Let Health Insurance Companies Run Wild

While markets reel from disastrous Bush-McCain economic policies, Republican nominee now wants to put Americans' health care at risk with the same approach Republicans took with banking

Arlington, VA--In light of this week's Wall Street upheaval, today Judy Feder, Democratic nominee for US Representative from Virginia's 10th Congressional District, Barbara Favola, Vice Chair of the Arlington County Board and a member of Virginia's State Health Board, and concerned Virginians held a press conference outside of John McCain's campaign headquarters in Arlington, VA to challenge McCain's new magazine article calling for the deregulation of the health insurance companies "just as we have done over the last decade in banking." McCain's article was just published in the September/October issue of Contingencies, the magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries. In spite of the unprecedented crisis created by Bush-McCain deregulatory policies, McCain wants to put Americans' health care at risk with the same approach.

So where does Frank Wolf stand on this? In lockstep with McBush as always, or what?

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neeraj said...

Insurance for routine healthcare is not insurance, it is a pre-payment plan where we are paying double of what needs to be paid for the insurance company profits.

A government sponsored health plan is also not the answer. It is not working in Canada, and will not work here. The government has bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, and now want to bankrupt healthcare.

What is needed is a blend of private and government healthcare with hopefully the elimination of insurance for basic healthcare. The government healthcare system can offer income based charges, should not take any insurance, and be prevented from frivilous lawsuits. No lawsuits should be allowed for anything beyond actual costs unless it can be proven that it was a deliberate act by the doctor.

The poor and needy will then have access to low cost health care, the wealthy can go to their private doctors.

Neeraj Nigam
Independent Candidate for US Congress