Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wolf Votes Against Comprehensive Energy Bill...Again

What else is new? That's right, I know this is a shocker but Frank Wolf has voted "nay" yet again to a comprehensive energy bill, even though this one even had offshore oil drilling in it AND a provision for oil shale development. But nooooo...even THAT wasn't good enough for Frank Wolf, who apparently has morphed into a hard-core anti-environmentalist and pro-Big Oil shill in his third decade in Congress. The bill passed 236-189, by the way, with 15 Republicans and 221 Democrats voting "aye." Aside from the not-so-good stuff from an environmental perspective, here's the good stuff Frank Wolf voted against last night:

*Extend tax credits for renewable energy sources
*Establish a national renewable electricity standard
*Repeal subsidies to oil companies
*Increase investment in public transit
*Encourage greater energy efficiency

So, why did Frank Wolf vote against this bill? Apparently, he's totally in the pocket of Big Oil and will vote for nothing less than EVERYTHING ExxonMobil et al. tell him to vote for. Pathetic.

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