Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dulles Greenway Partnership Slams Frank Wolf

According to the Examiner newspaper:
The partnership that owns the Dulles Greenway fired back at Rep. Frank Wolf Wednesday, two days after the congressman called on Virginia’s attorney general to review the firm’s business practices.

Tom Sines, CEO of Toll Road Investors Partnership II, or TRIP II, called Wolf’s accusations “politically motivated” and “misleading,” and carry “unjust insinuations about the integrity of TRIP II’s staff and management.”

This should be interesting to follow. As we do so, we should keep the following in mind:
The dirty secret about Frank Wolf's Greenway complaints is that he has had the power to affect change since the original idea was penned in 1988. For almost twenty years, he chose not to.


...this issue has only become important now that he is in the minority, and faces a real challenge to his seat? Unless it is now convenient to blame Richmond under a Democratic administration there? This is a state road, governed by a state law, and overseen by a state regulator, so why should our Congressional representative get involved? Surely there are more important issues Congress should be dealing with? If Frank Wolf needs a suggestion, the Federal issue of immigration sits unreformed.

There can be no doubt that tolls on the Greenway are an issue, but Frank Wolf's credibility on the issue is doubtful.

Yeah, Wolf's credibility IS doubtful -- on this and on a lot of other issues as well. It's time for a change.

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