Monday, October 1, 2007

Frank Wolf: Bad for Your Health

According to today's Washington Post, one of the big issues for Congress this fall will be health care. Aside from SCHIP, an issue on which Frank Wolf has been here, there and everywhere, Congress will also look at escalating health care costs and the need for universal health care coverage in this country. Where has Frank Wolf been on health care issues over the years? Let's review.

*In 2005, Wolf voted against a proposal to maintain state coverage mandates on a variety of medical treatments. The proposal would have maintained state coverage protections for pregnancy, child care, breast and cervical cancer screening, mental illness and diabetes.

*In 2005, Wolf voted against a plan to lower health insurance costs for small businesses. The plan allowed small employers access to state and federal low-cost health insurance plans that pool all health risks and provided subsidies to help small employers with low-wage workforces afford family coverage.

*In 2005, Wolf voted for legislation to create so-called “Association Health Plans” (AHPs) that would gut state health coverage protections like cancer screening and diabetes treatment. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that more than 75 percent of small business workers - representing over 20 million workers and their dependents - would see their health insurance premiums increase as a result of AHPs. The CBO also found that that up to 8 million workers who currently have insurance would be shifted into cheaper, lower benefit, "bare bones" AHP health plans - where their coverage would be notably less than it is right now.

*In 2004, Wolf voted against a motion that would have required the Association Health Plan legislation to prohibit plans that allow reductions in breast cancer coverage.

*Tn 1996, Wolf voted against an amendment to assure insurance portability and prohibit insurers from canceling or refusing coverage based on an employee's health.

There's a lot more in Wolf's record, but we don't have all day. Frankly (pun intended), this could be a continuing series that could last for many days. So, stay tuned for more about how Frank Wolf is bad for your health!

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