Monday, October 15, 2007

League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Scorecard on Frank Wolf

From the 2006 League of Conservation Voters soorecard, here's more on Frank Wolf's pathetic environmental record (27% LCV rating):

*Wolf vote FOR this: "S. 3711, the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, ended protections for Florida’s Gulf Coast and opened up 8 million acres off the coasts of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana for oil and gas drilling. And, for the first time ever, 37 percent of the revenue from drilling would go to Gulf Coast states rather than the federal treasury — a precedent that could encourage more states to support drilling off their coasts and cost federal taxpayers billions."

*Wolf supported drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), with its "abundant and diverse wildlife, including rare musk oxen, polar bears, grizzlies, wolves, millions of migratory birds, and more than 120,000 caribou."

*Wolf voted for this: "H.R.5254, the Refinery Permit Process Schedule Act. The bill, pushed through without committee consideration and with only minimal floor debate, could undermine the public health and environmental permitting decisions by state and federal officials and would give oil companies the right to sue public health officials in order to speed up refinery projects."

*Wolf voted against S. Con. Res. 83, "an amendment by Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) to restore $1 billion in energy assistance that had been removed by Senate leadership. In addition to easing the burden of fuel costs, these funds will help low-income families insulate and weatherize their homes, making them less vulnerable in the future to high energy prices."

*Wolf voted against H.R. 5386, "the Interior-Environment Appropriations bill...that would force the EPA to rescind its directive and reaffirm a broad application of Clean Water Act protections."

*Wolf voted against "making toxic pollution information publicly available, the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) of the premier tools for alerting U.S. citizens to chemical contamination in and around their communities."

Great stuff from the 10th district's "moderate" Congressman, huh?

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