Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wolf and Cooch: Birds of a (right-wing) Feather

The other day, we noted the following event:
10/3 - Senator Ken Cuccinelli's Lunch w/Rep. Frank Wolf - 12:15-1:30 PM, JRs Stockyard Inn, 8130 Watson Street, McLean. $250. Call: (703) 766-0635.

Now that this debate is coming up tomorrow, and also following Ken Cuccinelli's debate last night with Janet Oleszek, we've got a few questions for Wolf about his friend "the Cooch."

1. Do you agree with Cuccinelli that abortion should be illegal in all cases -- rape, incest, life of the mother? How about contraception? For more on this, see HB2797, a bill which Cuccinelli patroned this past year, As a commenter on RK correctly pointed out, the bill "would have codified the view that life begins at fertilization (a point on which there is no consensus, in the medical community or otherwise), threatened not only safe, legal abortion, but certain types of contraception as well, including the pill." Is that your belief as well, Congressman Wolf?

2. Do you agree with Cuccinelli on the abuser fees, which he voted for?

3. Do you agree with Cuccinelli on his opposition to potentially life-saving stem cell research? Oh, wait a minute, we already know that your position on that issue!

4. Are Cuccinelli and Jill Holtzman Vogel -- who Wolf has strongly supported and who Russ Potts has said is "to the right of Attila the Hun and way out of the mainstream" -- your types of Republicans? If so, then how can you honestly call yourself a "moderate?" If not, then what are you doing campaigning for these people?

We eagerly anticipate your responses to our questions.


The Feder Campaign

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