Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Feder Raises More than $223K in Third Quarter

Great news from the Feder campaign...Judy is going to rock Frank Wolf's world next year! :)
Feder Raises More than $223K in Third Quarter
Virginians want new leadership in Washington

McLean, VA – In a clear indication that Virginians want new leadership in Washington, Judy Feder’s campaign announced today that it had raised more than $223,000 in the third quarter of 2007. That's more than twice the amount raised during the previous reporting period, demonstrating the growing support for Feder's campaign for Congress.

Over 96% of Feder’s third quarter contributions came from individual donors, with $141,000 raised online, demonstrating strong grassroots support for her campaign. “Our success is another indication that people want change in Washington,” stated Feder.

“Frank Wolf has failed to offer the leadership that Virginians want and deserve, especially on bringing our troops home from Iraq,” Feder said. “Wolf has been wedded to the Bush policy on Iraq, from the initial invasion, through the surge and at every major step in-between,” said Feder. "Instead of a representative who blindly follows the President and votes against every effort to change course in this disastrous war, we need someone in Congress who will stand up to the President and bring our troops home."

Feder has raised over $335,000 since June, an unprecedented total at this point for a 10th District race. While working towards victory over Wolf in 2008, Feder has also campaigned for, contributed to, and raised thousands of dollars on behalf of Democratic candidates for Virginia's General Assembly this year. Following the November 6 elections, Feder plans to formally announce for Congress and shift her campaign into high gear.

Last year, Judy Feder mounted the strongest challenge to Frank Wolf in nearly a quarter century, waging a vigorous campaign and raising an unprecedented $1.6 million. Though Feder entered the 2006 race a mere 10 months before Election Day, she cut Wolf's margin of victory dramatically from 2004, revealing growing discontent with the longtime incumbent. As Feder begins her 2008 rematch against Wolf, she already is more than seven months ahead of her own record fundraising pace of 2006.

And what's Frank Wolf up to? Well, he's busy campaigning for Ken Cuccinelli, a far-right-wing extremist who believes in criminalizing abortion and even contraception, who opposes embryonic stem cell research, and who never met an abuser fee (aka, "tax") he didn't like.

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