Thursday, October 4, 2007

Frank Wolf is No Moderate

Progressive Punch has a new tool to rate members of Congress on how progressive they are.  Here are the Virginia delegation lifetime rankings, with 100 being the most progressive and 0 being the least.  Note that even the supposedly "moderate" Republicans like Frank Wolf are still highly conservative.

Bobby Scott: 88.73
Jim Webb: 86.64
Jim Moran: 80.16
Rick Boucher: 76.03

Tom Davis: 15.05
John Warner: 12.86

Frank Wolf: 12.42
Virgil Goode: 6.76
Jo Ann Davis: 6.72
Randy Forbes: 4.76
Bob Goodlatte: 4.56
Thelma Drake: 4.12
Eric Cantor: 1.60

And just for fun, here are the presidential candidates:

Hillary Clinton: 91.81
Barack Obama: 90.45
Dennis Kucinich: 87.41
Chris Dodd: 86.84
Joe Biden: 84.40

Ron Paul: 24.14
John McCain:  13.77
Tom Tancredo: 6.92
Sam Brownback: 5.13

That's right, Frank Wolf is somewhat less conservative than far-right-wing extremist Tom Tancredo, but more conservative than John McCain. That's a "moderate?"

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