Friday, October 26, 2007

Frank Wolf, Dominion Power and Hallowed Ground

Marty Martinez makes a very interesting suggestion on the Dominion Power transmission corridor issue in a blog interview today:

There has been a lot of discussion about Dominion and power lines, what can our Delegate actually do about this if the SCC and Federal Government have pre-empted so much action on this issue?
We can petition our state and federal elected officials, as well as the governor, both to reverse this decision, force the undergrounding of power lines if they must be built, and, alternatively, have the area in question declared a federal heritage area. We are not without recourse and I will be the principle advocate of the needs of our community. - From Leesburg Tomorrow
As has been noted here before, Frank Wolf has done little-to-nothing to protect his constituents from Dominion Power's designs on the northeastern corridor power marketplace, even if that goal means ruining some of the most beautiful vistas in the piedmont.

What is most interesting is the fact that the vehicle for forcing undergrounding of power cables already exists, and is one of the dearest legislative initiatives Frank Wolf has offered in Congress: The Journey Through Hallowed Ground. In this legislation, Frank Wolf has the opportunity to do as Marty Martinez has suggested, and designate the areas which Dominion Power wants for its high-tension corridor as national heritage area. It would not take much expansion of area already in the legislation to create the necessary incentives for undergrounding, and considering the fact that the legislation is on its way to approval, Frank Wolf could insist on the inclusion of language that will not only preserve the land on which our nation was forged, but also the sky under which so many of our ancestors fell.

He has declined to do so, however.
Dan Scandling, one of Wolf’s aides in Washington, said the bill does not help to protect the region against federal eminent domain designation, which may come as part of the process of approval for a power line in a joint project from Dominion Virginia Power and Allegheny Energy. - The Winchester Star
Once again, Frank Wolf, the Congressman who found a way to pay people in other states to look at porn, could not find a way to use his signature legislation, which enjoys wide popularity in the Congress, to protect the interests of his own constituents.

It appears that Frank Wolf is concerned with burnishing his legacy, instead of serving his constituents. It is time we allow him to retire with that legacy and vote for someone new in 2008.

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David said...

Have you noted Dominion Power’s early morning announcement today on a new grant to Virginia Tech to research carbon sequestration?

At first glance, it seems like just a feel-good (albeit thin) press release. But then … in 30 years of doing PR, I cannot remember ever seeking to put out a positive announcement on a Saturday.

Was it because they wanted to avoid any scrutiny? After all, there are plenty of credible experts available … maybe not on a weekend … who will tell reporters that CO2 sequestration is becoming a discredited pipedream. It’s an idea in search of a technology looking for a practical application that may never come. But it is a good way for Dominion Power to say: “Leave us alone already. See, we can spell climate change.”

Then again, maybe the real purpose of the release wasn’t for the news media at all. Maybe it was intended for emailing and faxing … some 70 hours before the polls open … to candidates who are growing increasingly uncomfortable with Dominion’s intransigence on environmental issues.

We blog about this on our website today.