Thursday, February 14, 2008

CQ: Judy Feder 9th Best Funded House Challenger in the Country

According to CQ Politics, Judy Feder is 9th in terms of "U.S. House Candidates challenging incumbents of the opposite party who had the most cash-on-hand as of Dec. 31." Here's the CQ analysis:
9) Judy Feder, Democrat, Virginia’s 10th ($483,000). Feder, a Georgetown University professor and former dean who has a deep background in health care policy, also is a rematch candidate. She’s back for a second try in 2008 against veteran Republican Rep. Frank Wolf, who won their 2006 race by 57 percent to 41 percent. That was Wolf’s lowest winning percentage since 1982, and district precincts in northern Virginia are trending more Democratic than Republican these days. But unseating Wolf will again be a very difficult challenge for Feder.

Yes, we all know that Frank Wolf is an entrenched incumbent and that this race won't be easy. And yes, we all know that money doesn't buy everything in life. Still, a lot of people must believe in Judy Feder and want serious change in Washington, DC, to be giving her all this cash. Don't look back, Frank Wolf, because somebody might be gaining on you! :)

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