Thursday, February 7, 2008

Frank Wolf Blames the Tunnel Supporters

This is classic:
Wolf pointed out that there was already $250 million on the table for the Dulles Rail project and said that part of what created the project's slow down was the interest in creating a tunnel through Tysons Corner.

"This tunnel really kicked this thing off," he said. "Had the tunnel thing not come up, construction would have already started. That really delayed this project by one and a half to two years."

Wolf said he understood the reasoning behind wanting a tunnel, but said that sometimes you have to move forward with what you can realistically afford.

"We had the money, it was on the table," he said. "This needs to be a transportation project to take people off the roads."

Translation: Frank Wolf's pet project is near death, largely because of his stubbornness, unwillingness to listen to legitimate concerns, and overall lack of leadership -- and he blames supporters of a tunnel in Tysons Corner! Classic, sort of like Bush blaming all his failings on other people. Is this some kind of Republican thang or what?

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