Friday, February 15, 2008

Judy #9, Let's Make Her #1!

From the Feder campaign...Judy's the #9 best funded challenger in the country, now let's help make her #1!
The news just came out. According to Congressional Quarterly, Judy is now one of the 10 best funded challengers in the country!

CQ notes that in 2006 Judy held Wolf to his, "lowest winning percentage since 1982, and district precincts in northern Virginia are trending more Democratic than Republican."

Can you help us keep the pressure on Wolf and finish the job in 2008?

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On Tuesday, 10th District voters turned out in record numbers to cast their votes in the Presidential primary. The record turnout and enthusiasm showed a hunger for fundamental change in Washington. Judy is ready to deliver that change -- on affordable health care for all Americans, ending the war in Iraq and finally bringing Rail to Dulles.

2008 represents our best opportunity ever to defeat Frank Wolf, and Judy is in the strongest position a Wolf challenger has ever been. Virginians are ready for new leadership; with the energy, the commitment and the vision to deliver change in Washington. But we can't win without your help.

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Thank you for everything you've already done. Judy couldn't have come this far without your help. Together we'll finish what we started in 2006 and change our country in 2008.


Luke McFarland
Campaign Manager
Judy Feder for Congress