Monday, February 25, 2008

Fascinating Analysis by Frank Wolf

Here's Frank Wolf, explaining why he thinks he'll win again this year:
"I know the people in the district know what I have done," said Wolf, who believes the higher voter turnout expected because of this year's presidential election can only work in his favor, despite indications that Virgina is leaning increasingly towards the Democratic party.

"Last year was one of the worst years for the Republican party, and we won with a large number of votes," said Wolf, who beat Democratic challenger Judy Feder by almost 40,000 votes in 2006.
Yes, that's some seriously fascinating analysis right there, especially considering this:
The turnout for yesterday's Democratic primary was heavy, and that bodes very well for Democrats like Judy Feder this fall. Overall, according to the State Board of Elections, 98,504 of 460,158 active voters (21.40%) turned out on the Democratic side [in the 10th CD], double the 49,691 voters (10.79% of active voters) on the Republican side.
That's twice as many Democrats than Republicans who voted on February 12 in the 10th CD. Somehow, Frank Wolf might believe this works to his advantage. Maybe none of us should disabuse him of this notion? Yeah, that's it...great thinking, Frank!

P.S. What HAS Frank Wolf done for the 10th CD lately? Oh, maybe Wolf's talking about that sparling new Metro to Dulles project he's been working on for decades now...uh, er, d'oh!

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