Monday, February 18, 2008

Washington Post: "Feder's Fat Wallet"

The Washington Post has picked up on the story of Judy Feder making the CQ Politics "top 10 list of best-funded, opposite party challengers." As the Post points out:
Feder is known for her fund-raising abilities. In 2006, she amassed more than $1.5 million in her first match-up against the popular 14-term incumbent, who raised just over $1.7 million.
Obviously, money isn't everything in politics, but it's an important indication of support. It's actually quite simple: all else being equal, you'd rather have more money than less.

By the way, the fact that Wolf supporters feel the need to constantly try and denigrate Feder's amazing fundraising (by claiming it's from -- GASP! -- "liberals") speaks volumes. I mean, if they weren't worried about Feder, why would they even take the time to apply their usual Karl Rove-style tactics on her? I mean, do we spend all day discussing Frank Wolf's contributions from big corporations, lobbyists, special interests, and right-wing groups? there's a thought! Ha.

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